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Bridge funding is ideal for fast access to capital

Updated: Feb 13

Ideal for businesses that are waiting on long-term financing but need to cover unexpected costs fast.

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that helps cover unexpected business costs while your business secures a long-term loan or permanent financing. This is ideal for businesses that need quick access to cash flow while in that time gap between applying for a long-term loan and receiving funds. Get started now - apply here

“Don't wait apply now for a Bridge to help get you where your business needs to be. This short-term option could relieve some short term needs while you wait for your long term capital.”

Getting a bridge loan is a very similar process as getting a small business loan. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to apply. Most business financing companies require the following in order to apply for a bridge loan: certain time in business, business bank account, business revenue, some sort of identification, which can be a driver’s license or passport. Get started now - apply here

How do Bridge loans work?

A bridge loan works by providing approved business applicants access to capital in a very fast and convenient way while the business attempts to secure permanent long-term financing. It gives businesses access to a lump sum of capital during that gap between applying and getting approved for a long-term loan. Similar to a small business loan, with a bridge loan businesses may benefit from receiving funds in a lump sum with fixed payments and fixed terms. The main difference is that a bridge loan is considered a short-term loan while a small business loan is typically long-term.

How does my credit situation come in with this type of loan

“If we are talking about bad credit”

Having bad credit does not automatically mean that your application for commercial bridge loan financing will be denied. It is true that most small business funders may use credit as a factor when reviewing applications, however, your bad credit may not be a determining factor as to whether the application gets approved or not. The truth is that there are many factors that business funders may take into consideration when deciding to approve an application. Some of these additional factors may be and are not limited to the performance of the small business, which can be determined by the business revenue, the time in business, the accounts receivables, and the business credit history. Get started now - apply here

What are the pros and cons of a bridge loan?

A bridge loan can be great for businesses that need quick access to capital while securing a permanent long-term loan. Other reasons why our clients love our bridge loans is due to the quick access to capital, the flexible payment options, and terms ranging from three months up to sixty months.*

One possible con for a bridge loan is the fact that it is short-term. This might not be the best option for a business looking for a long-term loan that would span of several years.

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