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If you’re an entrepreneur in the development and contracting industry, and applied for loans through conventional banks, you've likely experienced the insurmountable requirements, the arduous, long process of getting approved, and the frequent declines as banks become more and more conservative about whom they're lending to. Banks reject upwards of 60% of small business loans. To make matters worse, decline rates are higher for contractors and developers, due to the nature of the industry and its higher risk factors for failure.

Post boom the landscape for contractors has changed dramatically. Banks are now looking for larger equity investments from builders and developers and creating terms that prevent contractors from abandoning deals. This makes it more financially burdensome for contractors to take on new, and varying projects and puts the pressure on the business owner to be more thoroughly invested in the project's success, something that is often out of their hands.

Although there are still volume opportunities, and banks are easing their loan pricing, the pre-boom golden age era of "build it and they will come" is now a thing of the past. All Fresh Capital can help contractors, developers, and even freelance subcontractors assisting larger builders, by offering them the ability to improve their equity position with the banks, fund resources for projects, hire new help, or buy new equipment. All with great repayment terms and fast lending.

How to Get a Business Loan

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Start now and you maybe funded by lunch tomorrow

Getting a business loan or other financing, and securing that funding at the best rates, isn’t as difficult as one might think. It all starts with learning about the right option for your business.

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