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Building your own practice or expanding an existing one

If you are a medical practitioner who's starting their own practice, chances are you'll need funding to kickstart your new business. If you're a current business owner, All Fresh Capital can also help you expand your practice through funding, helping you open up your offices to new patients by hiring new staff, purchasing additional equipment, maintaining or repairing current equipment, and the renovations and safety-oriented construction you'll need to do consistently throughout the lifespan of your practice.

Everyone assumes that once you become a doctor, a hidden door opens in the clouds, raining money down from the sky. The reality is, with an expensive education comes loan repayments, and with your degree finally in hand, opening a practice can become a very large expense to take on. There are equipment, staffing, and safety considerations that are all going to require financial resources.

One of the best ways to overcome early challenges is to take on a loan early on in your business development, to alleviate the financial burden of providing your practice with capital out of your personal accounts. All Fresh Capital can help you find a lender that works for your situation, and who is ready to lend to your practice so you can get back to focusing on your patients.

How to Get a Business Loan

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Start now and you maybe funded by lunch tomorrow

Getting a business loan or other financing, and securing that funding at the best rates, isn’t as difficult as one might think. It all starts with learning about the right option for your business.

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